Spot Treatment

Unlike whole-structure termite treatment, which works an entire house up, spot treatment concerns only a small area (less than 10 square feet), the location where the pests has been found.

Spot Treatment: Involves drilling multiple holes into infested areas of flooring and walls so that a termiticide can be injected.

  • Less expensive and more convenient than heating and fuming
  • Treatment provides lasting effects for protection against future swarms
  • Does not affect termites in inaccessible areas (spot treatment is roughly only 2 square feet)
  • Multiple treatments may be necessary

What are the kinds of spot treatment for drywood termites?

Totally, there’re six main options how to spot treat drywood termites:

  • liquids;
  • dusts;
  • foams;
  • biological control;
  • electrocution;
  • microwaves;
  • wood removal.